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Only newswire offering a guaranteed ROI
<div style="text-align: justify;">Choose from a variety of packages with geo-targeting options for your press releases, financial statements and news announcements and target the local, regional or international digital media, websites, news portals as well as bloggers.</div>
Max word length 500 words
Additional 100 words @ $100
One visual included
Additional image or visual link $150
Targeted media distribution
Maximum 3 hyperlinks in the press release
500+ online outlets in MENA
700+ online outlets in MEA & India
11,600 online outlets globally
Newstrack link report in 72 hours
Comprehensive analytics report in 10 days
Arabic Translations @ 100 per page
French Translations @ 100 per page
Payment terms 100% in advance

MENA Newswire

Performance Guarantee2
$ 750
Minimum 50 published articles online per PR
Add on
Media list
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ME, Africa & India Newswire

Performance Guarantee2
$ 900
Minimum 75 published articles online per PR
Add on
Media list
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Global Newswire1

Performance Guarantee2
$ 2,000
Minimum 200 published articles online per PR
No word limit
No word limit
Media list

terms and conditions

Global Newswire1 service is offered in conjunction with our international associate network. To avail this package that targets Bloomberg® | Nasdaq® | AP News® | Yahoo Finance® | Yahoo Money® | Yahoo News® | MarketWatch® | Benzinga® | Digital Journal® | 350+ prominent news outlets please contact us before placing the order.

Performance Guarantee2 becomes invalid if it does not comply with our editorial policy (hyperlink). News once distributed cannot be retracted.

For a full list of the media websites which are included in our database and publish our news, please download the relevant  media lists. We are the only newswire in the MENA region that offers a 100% money back guarantee if the performance target of 50, 75 or 200 published articles online is not met.

Our visual aids policy does not include logo distribution - only photos, gifs, embedded videos and infographics in landscape format optimized for web use.

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